Statistic of Slovak places by Dušan Kreheľ – Export


Welcome on this page. This page contains export dates from data set Statistic of Slovak places by Dušan Kreheľ. More info about data set read you footer (total bottom) of this page.

Setting output

Set day/year and places for statistic for Slovakia. Dates are not from census.

Clean form

Output language format


The numbers are localized in the format they are used to:
languagenumberfloat number
Default (C/PHP)1234567812345678.123
Slovak12 345 67812 345 678,123

Only the delimiters change, not the value is adjusted or rounded.

Output format/scheme

Set .

If is checked "all places" and format "all", then output format is set on "wiki".

Value #switch return output in wiki syntax format and with #switch.

Combination with #switch

Definition on switch is:
{{#switch: {{#if: {{{1|}}}|{{{1}}}|{{PAGENAME}}}}
If first argument doesn't set, then #switch use {{PAGENAME}} as name of place.

template {{SOMETHING}}
Value assignment is:
Return value(s) from data set is uset as argument(s) of template SOMETHING.

Type of out dates

Set .

Year for dates


Information has usually been available since the establishment of the Slovak Republic (1993-01-01) (The first dates for some items are from 1991-01-31 – source of information: input date). All years are automatic here on page from 1993.


All places (ignore bottom)

Names of places must write in Slovak. List of all places. More places separate with char ; or new line.


Used version .

Clean form